Permanent Recruitment

A variety of trends are already leading to talent shortages in Australia.  The recruitment process for finding good people to fill permanent roles is going to become even more difficult, time-consuming and frustrating than it already is.

Access HR takes an integrated, strategic approach to recruitment tailoring our recruitment methodology to each of our clients and each of their vacant positions.  Here is how our experienced team can help:

  • We meet with you to establish a brief for the position vacancy;
  • We agree to a strategy to source and attract suitable (to your business) candidates;
  • We evaluate candidates and screen them according to your criteria;
  • We develop a candidate shortlist and submit our recommendations;
  • After you have interviewed all short listed candidates, we will make contact with them and ensure all are notified as to the status of their application;
  • We assist you with preparing and negotiating salary and benefits packaging for the successful candidate;
  • During the guarantee period, we monitor the candidate's progress with you, continue to maintain contact with you, share knowledge of the workplace environment and offer HR management solutions to assist you with a successful outcome.

Access HR have competitive rates to ensure you receive fair value for your investment in our service.  Other benefits to your organization by outsourcing the permanent recruitment to Access HR include:

  • Handling of all the pre-appointment advertising, interviewing and administration, you or your staff member will save hours of valuable time (and therefore dollars) to focus on what you are good at;
  • Utilize the experience, qualifications and knowledge of Consultants who have over 25 years experience in the recruitment industry;
  • We handle every application in a professional and courteous manner - this ensures the integrity and reputation of your organization is never at risk and all candidates know where they stand;
  • Working with us, you have the benefit of our input in the selection process which may improve your confidence in ensuring you're choosing the right applicant.

Access HR provide a personalized service, and work with you and your business to ensure successful placements of staff.  For further information please contact us on 1300 856 148.