Workforce Planning

Workforce planning provides a strategic framework to identify and assess the employee workforce against the future business plans and objectives of the organization.  Effective workforce planning allows organizations to structure, align and develop their workforce according to changes in the business revenue, workforce attrition and loss, external labour markets and future labour demands to name a few.

The workforce planning module from Access HR involves detailed analysis and progressive application, integrating business and workforce data, into implemented workforce plans with strategies in place to reduce the risk to organizations.

Access HR tailor the Workforce Planning Module to the individual requirements of their client addressing the following:

  • Analyzing workforce requirements
  • Scenario planning and projections
  • Workforce forecasting and capacity planning
  • Workforce supply
  • Utilization, succession planning and competency levels of staff
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators
  • Staff Retention Plans
  • Career development strategies
  • Current position descriptions
  • Working arrangements
  • Reward and recognition strategies

For further information on how the Workforce Planning Module can assist your organization please contact Access HR on 1300 856 148.