Access HR :: Vision

The Access HR branding and vision is based on creating innovative and integrated human resource solutions to our customers by partnering and continuing to contribute to the growth and success of organisations, resulting in optimum work performance and sustainability.

Access HR :: Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to add value to their business by ensuring a high level of human resource productivity, capability, well-being and work place satisfaction.

Access HR :: Values

>To always act with integrity, respect, trust and a collaborative spirit towards others;
>We are valued for our service, professionalism, integrity, support and personal service;
>We are innovative in our approach and think about results-based solutions, which will ensure the continued success of our business which in turn will flow onto our clients;
>We are hands-on and have a team approach resulting in excellence and efficiency of operation in all facets of our business;
>We practice the highest standards of management practice and accountability to ensure each person works to their optimum performance and sustainability;
>We care about our clients and look for ways to add value by understanding their business goals and aspirations so as to contribute to their long-term success; and
>We care about our employees – not only their well-being and health and safety but also the importance of their responsibilities. We employ fair and reasonable policies; we celebrate important events; and support each other in an open, friendly, enjoyable, innovative, challenging and creative workplace.